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New York SBA™ issues Woman Owned Business Certification to companies with 51% or more female-ownership.1 These credentials may help women break "glass ceilings" and gain participation into various Affirmative Action, Executive Outreach, Diversity Equity and Inclusion programs (DEI). Public corporations, government agencies, other small businesses, and customers seeking diversity in their business relationships may request Woman Owned Business Certification. Sign-Up Now.

New York SBA™ Woman Owned Business Certification is a marketing tool every female-owned business should obtain!

Affirmative Action Diversity Equity Inclusion

Uplifting women in society is a government policy and duty for socially responsible corporations. Since 1961 various Executive Orders, federal laws, state laws, and corporate initiatives have helped women advance in the business-world and government sector. Recently, the 2023 U.S. Supreme Court repealed Affirmative Action in university admissions. This outdated legislation has transformed into Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion using a new set of metrics. Get Certified Today.

Requirements for Woman Owned Business Certification1
51% or More of the Company's Ownership
Must Be of the Female Gender.
Company Must Be Registered in the State of New York.
U.S. Citizens, Resident Aliens, All U.S. Immigration Visas1,
and Non-U.S. Citizens are Eligible.

New York SBA™ Woman Owned Business Certification does not require audited financial statements; no minimum years in operation; and no "on-site examination" of your company's office is required. Absentee female-ownership is permitted. Males can own up to 49% and still qualify for Woman Owned Business Certification. Register Here.

Local State SBA Office

All 50 states have an independent State SBA office that administers (1) Business Certifications, (2) Resources during Emergency & Financial Need, and (3) Other Assistance to the small business community of their individual state. Decreed as a clearinghouse for small business New York SBA™ is your commercial partner.  Contact Your Local State SBA Office.

The Future is Female

Now, more than ever, it's important to confirm your gender as female and business ownership as medical technology advances. Legislation, medical confirmation, and social policy affirms that males-at-birth can transition into female at any age. Such transformation increases the female population and siphons resources from females-at-birth to transgender females. It's imperative that all females-at-birth certify their business-ownership to maximize their social status, professional recognition, commercial opportunities, and access to New York SBA™ resources. Get Certified Now

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Diversity Among Fortune 500 CEOs

Men         91.9%
Women     8.1%
Female Entreprenuership
Female Empowerment

2024 Female Financial Freedom
$20 Trillion Annual Spending Power

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1. New York SBA™ Certification Agreement.
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